Axel by Zahra Girard


She says I’m a beast. And she’s right.
But I’m the man she needs if she wants to survive.

I’m no family man.
I’m big, bearded and tatted.
I bust heads for the club by day.
And my nights are all about easy women.
I make no commitments except to the MC

Until Trixie.
That night, everything changes.

The curvy bar singer takes the stage and my world shifts.
She’s gorgeous. Her voice draws me just as much as her looks.

All I want is one night.
Nothing more.
She tells me I’m full of it.
She wants nothing from a man like me.
Turns out we’re both liars.

The truth comes out after one night together.
Trixie finds out she’s carrying a little secret.
I find out she’s got a past.
A dark past that’s coming for her and for my child.

Life’s about to get very complicated. And very dangerous.
But I’ll go to war to keep Trixie in my arms.