Second Breath

Second Breath

A slow-burn opposites attract romance

Dylan Rhodes. Media darling. Up-and-coming lawyer.

And an unapologetic player who treats women like tea bags—gets them wet, then tosses them out.

Everything about this man warns me not to trust him. Tells me to kick his breath-taking body to the curb. Get him out of my study.

But I need the data for my college thesis. And he’s the perfect man to prove that the dating mind-tricks I’m testing, work.

At least we’re on the same page about one thing: neither of us is looking for a relationship.

By the time I figure out why he keeps showing up—even though I’ve told him I won’t give him what he wants—he’s mind-tricked me.

Falling in love with the enemy? That’s not a research result I can defend.

Second Breath is a steamy, stand-alone, full-length, opposites attract romance featuring a BBW and a HEA.