Christmas Caralyn

Christmas Caralyn (A Christmas Carol retelling) by Jenny Rabe

A Christmas Carol + A splash of romance = A story to remember

Other than the added bonus of selling more product from her mistletoe farm, Christmas can rot as far as Caralyn Benzer is concerned. Life has taken her down some dark paths since her mother’s death, seven years ago. When her mom appears to her on December first, demanding for her to change or else, for the next thirty days, Caralyn is sent on a journey through her past, present, and future with the only person who can help her remember who she was before Caralyn’s Christmas was destroyed.

Her dreams start affecting reality, and when her childhood friend Bobby shows an interest for Caralyn, her resolve to keep him at an arm’s length melts, along with the hard shell around her heart as she reviews the choices that have taken her so far from who she used to be.

The only standing between her choices and her desired change