Wrangled by Lilith

Wrangled by Lilith (A Sweet Romantic Comedy) by Remi Carrington

My plan is to start over without a man. But car woes and a cowboy are making it difficult.

I don’t need a man. And I definitely don’t need his money. After twenty-five years as a trophy wife, I’m single again and on my own. Not completely alone. I have a cat.
Car trouble leaves me stranded in the Texas Hill Country, but a stranger with wicked blue eyes and well-worn cowboy boots shows up. Too bad he’s a man. I’ve sworn off men.

My mama taught me better than to leave a stranger on the side of the road even if she is toting around an exotic cat and has fiery red hair and a temper to match. But like a kid with matches, I’m drawn to her in spite of the risk.
One problem: she hates men. And since I am one, trying to win her over might be harder than taming a wild stallion. But what’s the worst that can happen? Embarrassment? A broken heart?
She might be worth it.