Candace (The Callaghan Sisters Book 1)

Candace (The Callaghan Sisters Book 1) by Louise Grey

She never gave love a second thought … until love threatened to take her job.

After the sudden death of her parents, Candace Callaghan suppressed her grief, and dreams of college and a family of her own, to raise her younger sisters and pick up the pieces of her broken family. But when her boss decides to sell out to a multi-billion Norwegian company, Candace’s world is flipped once again.

Candace can’t lose her job. It’s the only thing keeping her family afloat. It doesn’t help that she’s attracted to the lead negotiator, Marcus Sigurdsson. His debonair charm and genuine interest in her family makes her dream of a future she’d buried a long time ago.

But falling for Marcus is a risk she can’t afford to take. Not when he has the power to leave the small town of Lakeshore, Michigan, in financial ruin, and her with a shattered heart.