A Captive for Kean

A Captive for Kean (A Sci Fi Alien Romance) by Lynnea Lee


I’ve made a huge mistake!
When the handsome and charming alien offers to steal me away from my abusive owner, I jump at the chance for a better life. But appearances are deceiving, and now I find myself owned by a cold-blooded killer.
Kean’s sinful growls and possessive words make me crave things I know I shouldn’t. But I can’t fall for the ruthless murderer who ends lives with a smile on his face. It’s wrong! I need to get away before it’s too late.


Sarah is mine!
I’ve done many horrible things in my life to get to where I am now. And I will do many more to protect what is mine. And Sarah is MINE! She’s terrified of me, but I know she wants me. I scent her arousal.
I didn’t expect her to run. But there’s nowhere for her to hide; I own all of Vosthea. And when I find her, I’m going to claim her as my mate!