Protecting the Crown

Protecting the Crown by Violet Paige

My destiny is to wear a crown
His is to save my life.

I’m Galona’s only princess.
With five brothers, there is barely room to breathe in the palace.
So I escape. Dazzle my way through Europe.
But the party comes to a halt when my life is threatened.
I have to go into hiding,
Only I wasn’t prepared to be locked away with a man whose bedroom eyes make me quiver.
Royal Guardsmen aren’t supposed to look like that.
Or talk dirty to me, either.
Who does he think he is using his filthy mouth on this princess?
Flynn Shaw isn’t like other guardsman.
He’ll do anything to keep me safe and shield my body from danger.
He’s willing to prove his strength is more than skin-deep, even if it means breaking my heart.

I might be the princess
But he’s the king in bed.
Together, we’ll take on the crown and burn down all the rules.