Coming Together

Coming Together (A Compilation of two Pride & Prejudice Series) by Zoe Burton

Five books. Two series. One Happily Ever After.

Promises Series-
I Promise To…: When Elizabeth flees Longbourn and an unwanted suitor, her uncle and Darcy’s father arrange a marriage between them.
Promises Kept: Dealing with jealous ladies and scornful gentlemen in London as well as illness and injury at Pemberley, Darcy and Elizabeth grow together as a couple while she regains her confidence.

The Darcy Marriage Series-
Darcy’s Wife Search: Darcy meets Elizabeth Bennet in Hyde Park. Though they are from different social backgrounds, they fall in love, and marry. They never imagined Elizabeth’s mother would try to separate them.
Lady Catherine Impedes: A devious scheme is hatched by Darcy’s aunt, with the intent to separate the newly married couple.
Caroline’s Censure: Darcy and Elizabeth would like to settle into wedded bliss, but Darcy’s friend’s sister has other plans.