Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog by Kameron Claire

Jericho: I’m used to people giving me and my dog wide berth, considering nothing about our appearance is unnerving. We’re both big, strong, and give the impression we’re looking for trouble, even when we’re not. So, when a gorgeous redhead baby-talks the beast between my legs—the Rottweiler—of course, I’m intrigued.
Callie: I love dogs and know some of the biggest and toughest looking are really snuggly teddy bears. But when I get a look at the guy this beautiful Rottweiler is walking—yes, she’s walking him—I wonder if the master is as snuggly as his four-legged fur baby.
Dear Allie relays the stories her readers can’t tell their friends. To help you live out your fantasies, here is one of their sexy stories, because these things happen, and they could happen to you!
This is a steamy, short, contemporary romance, complete with instalove and a guaranteed HEA.