The Unexpected Card

The Unexpected Card (A Mr. Boss Novel) by E.H. Lyon

Josh is ready to nail the most important business trip of his career. But does it have to include his business partner’s moody younger sister Layla escorting him to New Orleans? As much as they hate each other, it isn’t completely crazy. Technically, she’s an employee and Josh is her boss. But one fight after another leads to an explosion in the bedroom… more than once.
Josh definitely wasn’t planning on nailing more than a good business deal on this trip. Unfortunately, their plan to leave the antics in the bedroom and out of the office falls apart as soon as they return home. First, because some of their mutual talents can’t be forgotten. Two, because there is a business partner that may kill Josh as soon as he figures out what happened. And three, because some secrets can only be kept for so long, give or take nine months.