Oops, I Kissed Him Again

Oops, I Kissed Him Again by Cindy Ray Hale

An impulsive kiss and a fake relationship. What could possibly go wrong?

When Will Vance, Maple Creek’s chief of police, pulls sassy Layla Bowen over for speeding yet again, the last thing he expects her to do is kiss him. And he certainly didn’t expect the fireworks that exploded when her lips met his. Can he keep his heart in check around his old crush?

Flower shop owner, Layla Bowen, is determined to get her matchmaking mom off her back. So when her mom witnesses her getting pulled over, she makes the impulsive decision to kiss the chief of police of their small town and tell her mom she’s engaged to him. The hilarious fake romance that ensues is all fun and games until her heart decides to get involved.

If you like witty banter and small-town romantic comedy, then you’ll love this book! Buy your copy today!