Brides of Beckham Box Set: First ten books

Brides of Beckham Box Set: First ten books by Kirsten Osbourne

This boxed set contains the first ten books in the USA Today Bestselling series Brides of Beckham.
Book 1: Mail Order Mayhem
Book 2: Mail Order Mama
Book 3: Mail Order Madness
Book 4: Mail Order Mix-up
Book 5: Mail Order Mistake
Book 6: Mail Order Maternity
Book 7: Mail Order Matchmaker
Book 8: Mail Order Motherhood
Book 9: Mail Order Matron
Book 10: Mail Order Meddler

If you’ve been looking to start a huge series, at the time of this publication (May, 2021) there are 34 books currently published in this series by Kirsten Osbourne and a dozen by other people. Funny, uplifting, and full of the romance you need in your life!