Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home by Dave Cenker

Is running away from your troubles the best path to a fresh start?

Claire Perkins struggles with her past, even as a 38-year-old woman. While attending her abusive mother’s funeral in the town where she grew up, Claire discovers a deeper emotional scar that challenges her definition of home. Buried pain triggers Claire’s only choice: escape to a quiet place, away from the risk of any more disappointment or heartache.

Pigeon Grove appears to be a sleepy locale in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But there’s an underlying charm to this small town that has other plans for those looking to slip into the silence of a solitary life. The close-knit community guides Claire along a new path, encouraging her deep-seated need to connect with others. Can this small mountain town help Claire connect the dots to create a life she’s always imagined?

It’s never too late to come home.