A Spinster No More

A Spinster No More by Rose Pearson

Ann Knorr is just a companion…will she become a spinster or find the love she is looking for?

Ann Knorr is just a companion to Lady Spencer during her first London Season. She has the grace and skill to smooth over societal faux pas which unexpectedly becomes essential in managing Lady Spencer’s eccentricities. Where will she go after the London Season? Will she become a true spinster?
Everton Cormick promised Claveston, Lady Gertrude’s brother, that he would look out for his sister during the Season, plus he tries to mind his younger brother as well. In doing so, he travels in the same circles as Ann Knorr, and they seem to connect on so many levels! As impressed as he is with Ann, he can’t contemplate marriage when he still lives in the past with his childhood sweetheart.
Can he put the past aside and recognize the future stands in front of him?