Wounded Inked Boxed Set

Wounded Inked Boxed Set (M/M Romance) by Sky McCoy

“I’d just received a letter I had been anxiously waiting for. Just when I’d given up and I knew I had to get some sleep, because of the mission in front of me, and because my men needed me more tomorrow than ever before, I got this ray of hope through the letter I held doggedly in my hand. I wanted to take the time to sit and read it, savor every word, every phrase, and every time Sergeant appeared on the paper.”
“I really wasn’t into that Daddy stuff, but it appeared that all I ever ran across were men who were older than me, who wanted to either spank my ass, or they needed a Daddy themselves where I’d spank them, or tell them what to do, and how to live.
I had problems figuring out how to live myself, so what the fuck could I tell a man in his forties who had probably seen more cocks than I had, fondled more balls than I cared to.”
straight to gay, hurt/comfort