Moonlit Road

Moonlit Road (A Romantic Suspense filled with twists and turns) by Tina Marie

What would you do if the love of your life went missing?

What was to be a joyous occasion has now turned into a tragedy. Abbi Petersen needs answers, and she needs them now. Her only option; to travel with her family to the plane wreckage in search of them.

Instead of the truth, what they find are lies and corruption. Distraught and at her wit’s end, Abbi’s only hope is a lonely older woman who talks to the dead.

When she sends Abbi on a wild goose chase in the Tennessee hills, her family thinks she has finally lost her mind. None of them believe Ben is out there, at least not alive.

Will she make it in time? Or will she have to face the unthinkable heartbreak of forever being alone?