Heaven in the Moonlight

Heaven in the Moonlight (A Friends to Lovers Romance) by Tina Marie

Can love heal a heartache?
It can. When you find ‘the one’…
Ava Petersen couldn’t be happier living in the small lakeside village of Pearl Lake. Wanting to be near her mom, she sells her spa in her hometown, but that wasn’t the only reason she had left. She needed a new place to escape from her wounded past and moving in with her Aunt Kim and new friend, actor Mark Donovan was the perfect plan. Except… he’s her celebrity crush.

Mark is known as the quintessential Hollywood ‘ladies’ man’. He had been a fool when he sold his property on the shores of Pearl Lake to fellow actor and friend, Ben. So, he did the next best thing. When Ben fell in love with Ava’s mom, he rented her house next door. Bonus points; Ava moved in too. The problem is, he’s fallen for her and hard.
Just when he gets the nerve to tell her how he feels, in walks Ash Davenport. A Texan that has his sights on Ava