A Steamy Medical Romance

That sexy tattooed deputy is every girl’s fantasy of a bad boy gone good. If only he hadn’t arrested her for being a terrorist. . .

Jennifer Bayani is not having an easy day. The fire marshal’s office sent her to the boonies to investigate a string of suspicious fires. She’s spends the morning dodging cows, crashes into a handsome deputy by brunch, and spends lunch behind bars.

Small town life has been good for Sheriff Deputy Brandon Smythe, and Jennifer brings the big city temptation he’s purposely avoided. He needs to get her out of town, except she’s stuck here after he got her car dissembled.

It was an honest mistake, really, and he knows just the way to make it up to her . . .

WARNING: The author is NOT responsible for screaming caused by the twists and turns of this steamy romance. You should only read if you wish Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Fire had more skinny dipping