Finding Home (Books 1-3)

Finding Home (Books 1-3)

An Alternate Universe Captive Fantasy Romance

Liz has been chosen to spend 2 years serving her enemies. Ryan vows to train her to be the best slave she can be, even as he longs to set her free. But betrayal threatens any chance at happiness.

Jenny’s family has been murdered. Michael helps her hide as a slave, while Ryan trains her, and Liz keeps her from falling apart. But when she is found, they must all flee. And each couple finds that darkness cannot keep them from finally realizing the love they have for each other.

Refining Fire:
Freedom comes at last for Liz and Jenny. But when Jenny claims her birthright and then is kidnapped, Liz, Ryan, and Michael must all hold together fragile alliances until she is found.
If she is still alive.

Finding Home veers from happiness to tears, and from reluctance to deep darkness. Please be aware of where darkness can go. HEA.