Toy for the Teachers

Toy for the Teachers

A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance

Nothing’s hotter than someone making you feel like you’re the only girl in the world.


Three men do it at the same time.

But it gets even hotter when those men are your professors.

Completely obsessed.
That’s how I define my relationship with them.

Caleb, my astronomy professor, is so charming that he had me at hello.
Vladimir, my business professor, is the most bossy Russian man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
And Warren, my literature professor, with a body as big and solid as a rock, has an attitude that has me drooling over him.

Sleeping with them will cause me trouble… and it could cost them their jobs and entire careers.

So is it worth the trouble for them to love every inch of me?
And would it shatter my heart if they decided not to?