Anyone But the Earl

Anyone But the Earl

A Gilded Age Romance

What would you do to avoid a marriage you dread?

American heiress Octavia Sewell will do anything to avoid the awful earl her mother wants her to marry—even arrange to be compromised by one of her brother’s handsome friends. But who knew that offering her virginity to a man would be quite so awkward?

W. Clifton is always ready to rescue a damsel in distress, even if the lovely Octavia is suddenly unwilling to confess why she sought him out in the first place. But the longer he spends in her company, the more personal—and less chivalrous—his reasons for wanting to save her become…

Somewhere between clandestine meetings, scandalous desires, and potential insurance fraud, all of Octavia’s plans go awry. Will she be able to protect her freedom as well as her heart? Or will she miss her chance for true love?