This book contains the following triggers:

Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Physical & Mental Abuse, SIDS, and Rape.

Reader discretion is strongly advised.


My husband is dead.

All that remains are our memories.

My children will never know their father.

I will never know how it feels to grow old with him.

All I have left are the voices.

The nightmare haunting me day and night.

Suffocating me.

Overpowering me.

Promising me it’ll never let go.

The inner torment constantly telling me I’d be better off six feet under instead of him.

But the voices stop when I look up and suddenly he’s all that I see.

A beautiful stranger relentless on letting go but scared to hold me close after his own painful suffering.

Justin Gatz.

My boss.

My new best friend.

A savior I never expected.