Dark Fae Queen: Royal Fae Academy

Dark Fae Queen: Royal Fae Academy

The Complete Collection

Being a dark fae isn’t exactly something you go around telling people. Not unless you want your life destroyed. But when you talk to ghosts and have deadly powers, it’s kind of hard to hide the truth.

Even though I try.

No, I don’t go around smiling and farting rainbows like the light fae, but I do keep this secret close to my heart. Because all my life I was pretty sure the only thing that could rock my world was if anyone found out what I am.

Until my brother is murdered.

My brother. My best friend. They say it was a stupid accident. But I don’t believe it. I want to burn the whole world down, and say to hell with this secret and let the dark fae within me roar in vengeance.

And I will. You bet I will. But first… first I have to do the hardest thing I’ve ever imagined and go to the Royal Fae Academy with my brother’s four sexy friends.