Cruel Alpha Wolf

Cruel Alpha Wolf

Secret Baby Wolf Shifter Romance

A cruel wolf gave me years of pain. And a secret baby.
He tormented me mercilessly and tricked me into thinking that he liked me back.
After his public rejection, I left town, but the time for sweet revenge has finally come.
He wants to be the new alpha, but he has competition. Me.

I remember how he humiliated me, but he remembers other things:
The flame between us, the fire. The feral wolves inside of us.
But I know the weakness of his mighty wolf, have felt the hurt of a shattered heart.
I could never let him in again.

The alpha trials strip us bare of everything we have.
And I’m forced to admit that I can only think back to that one night.
To the way he exposed and caressed my shame under the cover of darkness.
To the fact that he’s my baby’s daddy, even though he doesn’t know.

Do I dare give our little family a chance?