Guiding Our Hearts

Guiding Our Hearts

An Irish Hearts novel

Everything happens for a reason.

Maggie O’Hagan dreamed of leaving Ireland to explore the world. After her brother’s sudden death, however, she knows she needs to set aside her dreams for the sake of her family’s happiness—even if she ends up being the one who’s unhappy.

That’s when he walks into her life.

Harrison McNally is always looking for opportunities to get the perfect shot that would land him a position with National Geographic—even if this means all his traveling around the world will never allow him to have a serious relationship.

That’s when she steps out of his dreams.

Although they know their time together is limited, that doesn’t stop them from falling in love. And just as they’ve resigned to saying goodbye, an angelic presence comes to steer them on the right path to happiness.

Sometimes true love can close the widest distance—if you believe.