Gift of Fire

Gift of Fire

A wary fire witch searches for belonging, not love. But fate, it seems, has other plans . . . .

After a decade of blending in with humanity, I’ve returned to my magic-infused hometown to start over. Within hours, I lock eyes with the jock who bullied me in high school. What’s worse, he’s set to be my new boss, his misty aura tantalizing my darkest desires.

Now all the Teutons in town believe I’m fated to ascend as their next matriarch, thanks to some age-old tradition. But the priests consider my bloodline far too weak for such prestige. I’m a threat to the established order.

I have no wish to submit to fate’s whims. If my only escape involves claiming my boss as my lover, I’ll reignite my fire for a wild dance with mist.

Desperate desire blooms into what might be love, but will passion prove strong enough to defeat fate’s ruthless schemes?