Matched To Patrick

Matched To Patrick

A Curvy Girl, Age Gap, Instalove Romance (The O'Connors of Blossom Ford Book 1)

I have a penchant for falling helplessly in love with hot as hell guys who end up crushing my heart.

Way older than me and experienced in every way that counts, Patrick O’Connor is the hottest man I’ve ever met. When he looks at me, I feel like I’m all he sees.

The only way to save my heart is to stay away from him, finish my post grad studies and return to the city, where I belong.

I know Nara Johnson is mine the moment I see her irresistible curves strut across my field. But the young beauty is hell-bent on avoiding me and leaving Blossom Ford the minute she can.

When Mom volunteers me to show Nara around town and the feisty student finds it hard to reject the kind offer, I grab the best chance I have to start winning Nara’s heart.