Rancher Woman

Rancher Woman

A Western Cowboy Romance

Can love truly conquer all?
Marilee Dupont is running the ranch that has been in her family for generations. She never planned to do it alone. Now, at 35, it seems like the clock is ticking, and it’s a scowling banker who has caught her eye.

Trent Williams has no intention of being a small-town banker forever. But his ex-wife is making his life hell, and worse, is hurting their teen-aged daughter. So he gets custody of his daughter, and jumps at a chance to leave Boise behind to run the branch bank in Moscow, Idaho.

Just for a couple of years. Just until his daughter graduates from high school.

But he can’t take his eyes off the woman who can wear silk dresses and heels to town and then grab jeans and cowboy boots on a ranch.

Her ranch. His career.

Book 1 in Second Chance Romances, a slow-burn romantic suspense series featuring four strong women and the men they love.