Shelter for a Shifter

Shelter for a Shifter

A Grumpy Werewolf Romance

All Ame asks for is the right spell, a full moon, and a cooperative cat. She does not ask for a naked werewolf.

Ame Shelly has been searching through grimoires for years, hoping to find a way to save her cat companion. A feline she’s ninety-six percent sure is a man stuck in the wrong form. When Ame and her sister start their own magical library in the small town of Folk Haven, the witch finally discovers an incantation that could free her friend. At least, she thinks Bee the cat is her friend. He hasn’t run away from her since the night she discovered him injured in the woods. Plus, Bee doesn’t growl at her the way he does with everyone else …

Bee wants revenge.

Bee is not a cat, his name is not Bee, and he is not happy…