Wanted by the Bikers

Wanted by the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

My mouth can’t get me in trouble if three wicked bikers are keeping it busy.

In their world, the old rules don’t apply. The people I trusted are enemies and three criminals hold my life in their rough hands. Hands as good at making me forget my own name as they are at dealing death.

Wraith is sleek, deadly and covered in ink. A talented tattoo artist, his clever fingers play over my skin like magic.

Tank is a brawler with a protective streak a mile wide. The sheer size of him scares me, at least until he shows me what he can do with it.

Nitro is as explosive as his name. He loves making things burn, and if I don’t watch out, it’s going to be me going up in his passionate flames.

Who can I trust? The corrupt system, or the mouthwatering bikers who live outside it?