Sinful Beasts

Sinful Beasts

A Reverse Harem Romance

Being wrong has never felt so right. But my journey from innocence to ecstasy comes at a price …

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in church learning how to be a good girl.

But now I’m an adult, and lately, it seems all my thoughts are sinful. Especially my thoughts about three gorgeous, huge, forbidden men.

Brax, Erik and Gray tempt me to explore my forbidden fantasies, and they make me feel safe enough to do everything I’ve been told is wrong.

But my parents are insisting I marry someone from their church. A respectable man who knows nothing about my sinful double life.

If I tell them the truth, I’ll be condemned and cast out from my family, my community, everything I’ve known. If I don’t, I’ll lose the men who have stolen my heart.

Can I bear to give up my heaven on earth?