The Unlikely Heir

The Unlikely Heir

A Forbidden MM Royal Romance

What happens when the Prince of Wales falls in love with the Prime Minister?

My boring life in California just took an unexpected turn. Thanks to my misbehaving relatives, I’ve leapt from obscurity to royalty as the new heir to the British throne. But my welcome in England is as cold as the weather, with the British public horrified at the thought of an American Prince Charming. As I navigate bewildering traditions and traitorous friends, I vow to save the crown.

Enter Oliver Hartwell, the broodingly handsome Prime Minister. Innocent messages turn into late-night chats—and unexpected feelings. But there’s one major problem: the royal family must remain politically neutral.

How can I save the monarchy when I’m falling in love with the Prime Minister?

A forbidden romance filled with humor and drama, featuring a bumbling Prince of Wales and a stern yet dashing Prime Minister.