One Night with the Bikers

One Night with the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

She can’t afford to get distracted by hard… muscles, but when stubborn journalism student Mila crosses the wrong people to save her brother, sexy bikers Reaper, Mack and Scrapper turn into a lot more than a wild one night stand. No one cares that one stubborn young woman has gone missing except the three fierce men who will do anything to find her.

Reaper, six feet of coiled, dark energy, ready to burst into action and show her exactly how good getting wrapped up in his darkness can be.

Mack, whose deep blue eyes pull her under and plunge her into stormy pleasure like she’s never felt before.

And Scrapper, whose talented hands are there to catch her, hold her, and send her soaring until she can’t remember her own name.

And once they get their hands on her, nothing will stop them from claiming her for their own.