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March of the Cowboys by Jenny Klaire


Every time March McIntyre runs into Beau Harris, the sexiest and most eligible bachelor in all of Nashville, it’s like he’s an entirely different person. His secret could be her ticket to stardom, but what’s the one thing people love more than watching stars rise? Watching them crash and burn.

Her Hollywood Heroes A Reverse Harem Romance by Roma James


They’ve promised to keep me safe. Even if that means tying me to their bed. As an actress, sometimes I have fans that get a little…obsessed. So, my producer hires private security for me. Enter Gray, Jace, and Landon; all muscle and all mine. Gray and Jace – twins and former Marines. I see the way they look at me. … Read More

Head Over Heels A Single Dad Romance by Mia Madison


What if the hottest guy you’ve ever met offered to help you out – would you say yes?  I would – in a heartbeat. Michael Saunders is the epitome of panty-melting good looks and completely out of my league. I know it, he knows it, but then I somehow managed to catch his eye. I was hoping for a bit … Read More

Touch & Taste by Mia Madison


Love at first sight? What a load of crap. At least that’s what I always thought, right up until my eyes landed on him. Joshua Baxter. My irresistibly hot, totally off-limits, almost twice my age professor. If we give in, it could ruin both our lives. But how can I resist him when every one of my senses wants me … Read More

Tempting Tonio by Mia Madison


I have written actual poems about the perfection that is Antonio Alessandro Adamo. He doesn’t even know I exist. He’s my dad’s boss, and I’ve been in love with him for years, but he’s so far out of my league he might as well be in another galaxy. Or that’s what I thought, anyway. Until the day I accidentally spilled … Read More

Babysitter Wanted A Steamy Single Dad Romance by Mia Madison


“Hot. Irresistible. Exciting. More man than I ever had in my life.” A fatal accident leaves British firefighter Andrew as a single dad to his sister’s baby, Lucy. He loves the seven-month old moppet to bits, but she didn’t come with a manual. Luckily, his friend’s daughter, Melissa, flies across the Atlantic to help out–a temporary arrangement while he finds … Read More