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Mafia’s Dirty Secret

Small Town Contemporary New Adult Romance

Marie should have run away from her abusive mother when she had the chance. But she stayed home and cared for the terminally ill monster. The one person that she loved but never loved her back. Just as she thought her miserable life was never going to get better… She met a mysterious out-of-towner. She ignored her mother’s advice: to … Read More


First Time Older Man Younger Woman Erotic Romance

Caden isn’t used to meeting beautiful women on the street. As an attractive billionaire, he’s even less used to them running away. But then his mystery woman shows up as his new assistant, and he’s going to punish her for disappearing on him. A punishment which soon morphs into something else altogether. Keeley can’t believe her luck. Her new job … Read More

Under Your Skin

Nothing gets under your skin quite like love… Norah O’Malley has way too much on her plate to even consider romance. Being home for the first time in ten years—single and pregnant—is more than enough. Too bad her heart has other ideas when she first lays eyes on her brother’s tattooed, grumpy, and entirely too sexy boss… Kai Ellis knows … Read More

First In

Cheeky with the Fire Chief

SOPHIE I was sure I had the fire chief job locked down. Until Nick West, AKA Mr. April from the hot fireman calendar, strode into the department. I can’t decide if he looks better in his uniform or in that picture wearing barely more than raindrops. I hate that he’s so attractive. I hate that he stole my job. But … Read More

The Barracuda

He was probably planning to be gentle, but she didn’t want light kisses and him petting her like some upstanding lady fluttering through the park, fanning her face on Sunday after church. A woman falls for the con artist who stole her grandmother’s brooch. Tropes: interracial, western, good girl/bad boy, enemies-to-lovers, untouched heroine, redemption

Puck Like A Girl

Teagan Fed up with living in the shadows of my famous hockey-playing father and brothers, I decide to take matters into my own hands. With a little help from a family friend, I anonymously try out for my new college men’s hockey team, hoping to win one of the two open spots. Proving I’m just as good as my father … Read More

Lying in Ruins

FREE Darkly thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Romance Series First

In a world gone to hell, better to choose the devil you know… On a mission to retrieve a kidnapped child, a woman skilled in secrecy crosses paths with a nomadic vigilante bent on revenge. Despite the unlikely pair’s mutual distrust, they join forces to survive the predators picking through the desiccated remains of civilization. Now it’s a race to … Read More

Flame For You

A Contemporary Romantic Suspense

She’s sworn off love. Simone Roberts is a rising star, work has kept her together through her divorce. She isn’t looking for love; her past experiences have left her soured, and she fantasizes about something less…vanilla. Quinn is set on quitting his work as a private operative until he’s mistaken for an arsonist for hire and falls right into Simone’s … Read More

Angel’s Target

A Paranormal Angel Romance

Titan is second-in-command of the fallen sentinel angels, a fearsome group of earthbound angels who are tasked with protecting heaven from the demon charmers. But when a mortal woman becomes a target of his enemy, he saves her—only to discover she looks just like the woman he lost months ago. Not a day goes by that Rose Meyer doesn’t spend … Read More