Wowsers, you found your way to the hottest books we offer. Hope you like it spicy! If you’re wanting to tone it down a little, Full Hearts has books at medium heat, and Sweet Hearts has only low heat. There’s also our LGBT+ books on the Same Hearts page. Enjoy!

Shelter for a Shifter

A Grumpy Werewolf Romance

All Ame asks for is the right spell, a full moon, and a cooperative cat. She does not ask for a naked werewolf. Ame Shelly has been searching through grimoires for years, hoping to find a way to save her cat companion. A feline she’s ninety-six percent sure is a man stuck in the wrong form. When Ame and her … Read More

Mafia’s Dirty Secret

A Contemporary Small Town Romance

Marie should have run away from her abusive mother when she had the chance. But she stayed home and cared for the terminally ill monster. The one person that she loved but never loved her back. Just as she thought her miserable life was never going to get better… She met a mysterious out-of-towner. She ignored her mother’s advice: to … Read More

Dirty Little Virgin

A Billionaire Romance (A Submissives' Secrets Novel Book 1)

School is in session, and the lessons are rock hard! She wants to write about the domme and my world. And I’m supposed to teach her, not take her. But her feisty manner begs to be tamed. Her innocence begs to be taken. I know my whip can bring her into submission. Her young body begs for my harsh and … Read More

One Bet

A Second Chance New Adult Romance

Year after year, Avery put on her best fake smile during homecoming week. But this year sucked especially—it was the anniversary celebration of Alpha Alpha Phi. The respectable, by-the-book Professor Stroh hadn’t always been like this though. Once upon a time, she’d been the pierced and tattooed girl in fishnets and combat boots, voted most likely to cut someone. She … Read More

Lying in Ruins

Darkly thrilling, post-apocalyptic romance series first

In a world gone to hell, better to choose the devil you know… On a mission to retrieve a kidnapped child, a woman skilled in secrecy crosses paths with a nomadic vigilante bent on revenge. Despite the unlikely pair’s mutual distrust, they join forces to survive the predators picking through the desiccated remains of civilization. Now it’s a race to … Read More

Dirty Daddies 2023

Packed with stories from your favorite authors in the Daddy genre, this anthology has something for all the Daddy lovers! Whether it’s a strict Dom who loves to be called Daddy as he lavishes his partner with pleasure, or a Daddy looking for a Little one to rely on him for all their most private, personal needs, there’s a story … Read More

Grizzly Beard

I’m a mountain man’s mail order bride. But I’m knocking on the wrong cabin door… Moving out here to start my life from scratch—that’s scary enough. But then the world’s surliest man finds me on his deck, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse. He thinks I should scurry back to the city. I think he’s a big, … Read More

A Nanny for Christmas

Three gorgeous single dad billionaires. Three adorable children. And one very lucky nanny. I won’t have to be lonely on Christmas this year… because guess what? I’ll have three men in my bed. I never had a family, and then I lost my sanity after sending my abusive ex to prison. But these three gorgeous single dads have made me … Read More

His To Take

A Post-Apocalyptic Alien Overlord Romance

Ann is alive. So is Rex. She’ll be forever grateful for her father’s bunker. They would never have made it otherwise. There might only be one man her age left in this world… And she’s lucky that it was Rex. Her high school crush, the man she’s loved for such a long time. She couldn’t help but giggle at the … Read More