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The Masques of Noble Mansion

A Short Story

This is the introductory short story to the original full-length novel LADY NOBLE AND THE MASQUES: A HISTORY OF NOBLE MANSION, now available as an e-book and in paperback. The huge stone house known as Noble Mansion has existed deep in the forest for many centuries. It has been run by generations of the Noble family as a place devoted … Read More

The Doctor’s Twin Secrets

A Single Mom Military Romance

I gave him my heart, but I couldn’t give him the truth. Curt got me pregnant years ago, and I never thought I’d see him again. Until he walked right into my hospital. My legs shook when I saw that gorgeous face again. I remembered those eyes all too well. But the guilt in my heart forced me to look … Read More

Secrets of the Flame

A Holiday Romance

My last year of med school, the best year ever because of her–my future changed forever because of her… From the moment I saw her, I knew there was something between us not many people find. Passionate nights, stolen kisses throughout our busy days; she and I had the same goals–goals that would end the special connection we’d found. Leaving … Read More


A Boston Mafia, Work Place Romance

THE LEADER OF THE BOSTON WOLFES NEEDS A NEW ACCOUNTANT AND SHE’S THE ONE HE WANTS. I will never work for Franklin Wolfe. Period. But just like any other person in the city of Boston, I don’t stand a chance against the leader of the Boston Wolfes. He’s canny. Confident. A natural-born leader who controls the city, with endless green … Read More

Hard Ass in Love

As far as hot billionaires go, Logan’s hardly typical. He’s practically allergic to the indoors, incorrigibly gruff, and a big burly teddy bear when it comes to his daughter. The last thing I need is to develop a crush on the gorgeous grump. So obviously, I have no business sparking up a sexy little wager with the man…right?

Daddy Undercover

A steamy age gap secret pregnancy romantic suspense

Maeve trusts me with every fiber of her being, but I’m being forced to keep a huge secret from her. I never could have guessed that she’s the woman for me. And most certainly not when I was signing up for the job. Being undercover for the FBI means that I have to use her to get what I want. … Read More


FREE. You’ll love to hate, and hate to love Deacon King in this dark romance set in the world of billionaire CEO publishers. When Deacon meets Mia he realises she’s the perfect weapon in his vendetta against his father. He’ll do whatever it takes to use her—no limits. But Mia isn’t the pushover he thinks she is…

SEALed by a Kiss

My hot ex-Navy SEAL neighbor thinks I’m harmless and beautiful. Little does he know that a Vegas mafia kingpin is after me. My mother’s husband handed me to the bad guys. Fortunately, I got lucky and escaped. It’s true that my safety is short-lived. But Sawyer’s intense kisses make me feel alive. And his arms make me forget that I’d … Read More

Happily Ever…Maybe?

He’s the grumpy billionaire Beast of Calico Cove and I’m his sacrificial lamb… I mean, his new employee. Malcolm Bettencourt is a recluse with a nasty scar across his face and a bad attitude. I’m a lobster fisherman whose been “friend-zoned” by every guy in town. We have nothing in common and there’s no reason to think he would want … Read More