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Choosing You (Thirsty Hearts Book 2) by Kris Jayne

Confronted with the past, their love and loyalty are tested. Taryn Lieber has a date set to marry a man beyond her dreams—Jeff McConnell. After a disastrous first marriage, Jeff has his curly-haired daughter and the unfulfilled desire for a woman to stand with him as he conquered the world. The arrival of Jeff’s ex-wife throws their relationship into chaos. … Read More

Trips by Zahra Girard

She was mine the second I laid eyes on her. I have my demons. I live on the edge At war with the violent darkness inside me. But my demons are nothing compared to my cravings for her. Althea’s nothing like me. Innocent, kind, she moved to this town to help people. She sees the good man inside me that … Read More

Same Page by G.L. Tomas

New to Providence, RI, Naima Adewunmi had every intention of fulfilling everything she left her New York borough for, finishing up her Bachelor’s degree and finding a job while doing it. She wasn’t supposed to fall for Timothy Ferreiro, a smooth, slick talking, sexy specimen of a man, messy bedhead hair included, who also happens to be her new boss. … Read More

Brendan’s Baby by Annie J. Rose

For being an ex-Navy SEAL, life was as good as it could get. With business booming on a tropical paradise of an island, All I needed now was a lovely wife by my side. And I think I’ve found her, but she needs protecting. We just met, but I’ll do anything for her. As well as for our baby she’s … Read More

Temptation (An Allie Styles Story) by Sydney Campbell

Allie Styles has finally met the perfect man–he’s smart, funny, and sexy as hell–too bad she’s dating his roommate. This first-in-series romance introduces readers to Allie and Matt, a pair of star-crossed lovers with undeniable chemistry. If you’re ready for a great story, a swoon-worthy romance, and some scorching hot bedroom scenes, dive in.

Charming You (Thirsty Hearts Book 1) by Kris Jayne

Can she trust the charm of an ambitious man? Micky Llewellyn has trusted men before—with disastrous results. When fate brings sexy Nick Halden to her rescue, his charm makes Micky’s heart pound with desire and her gut twist with mistrust. Nick is intrigued, but his hidden agenda complicates their mutual attraction. Will he betray the woman he craves or will … Read More