Wowsers, you found your way to the hottest books we offer. Hope you like it spicy! If you’re wanting to tone it down a little, Full Hearts has books at medium heat, and Sweet Hearts has only low heat. There’s also our LGBT+ books on the Same Hearts page. Enjoy!

Tommy’s Baby by Annie J. Rose

He was the one that got away. The one I let go like a fool. Now ten years later, we have a chance at happiness yet again. But the secret I’m hiding could bring danger to his door and I won’t let him suffer for my mistakes. It’s time to clean up my own messes, but can I really let … Read More

Exposed (A Dark Romance) by Arabella Black

Welcome to Katantia. A messed up royal palace. A foreign visitor. And a wedding that’s guaranteed to leave you speechless. Mandy. He’s not my fiancé. He’s a prince in an infamous country of sex. He’s hiding something, I could list a million reasons why I shouldn’t have noticed Weston Wraith. None of them would help. He’s about to expose me. … Read More

Daddy’s Little Wild One by Olivia Fox

With one look at those rose petal lips, luscious curves, and the gun she’s pointing at my forehead from the porch of her treehouse, I’m suddenly not only her captive but completely captivated by her. I’ll chase away the demons that left scars on her body and mind. ♥ I’ll teach her what it means to be mine, one lesson … Read More