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The Guard

I’m limping home at night, barefoot with a busted ankle. Then a white knight sweeps me off my feet… He’s burly and bearded, and sweeter than sugar. Nearly twice my age, too. No one understands why I’m so obsessed with the campus security guard, but they don’t see it. They don’t see him. Well, it’s their loss–because I know he’s … Read More

Fake Daddy

She’s mine to protect. My secret obsession. Robin Hark, an A list actress who the whole world seems to be obsessed with, which makes my job as her tough-as-nails bodyguard one of the greatest challenges of my life. And she doesn’t exactly help the situation when she promises herself to the son of a mobster to get out of a … Read More

Double Surprise

I ran from my abusive ex and fell into my forbidden boss’s arms. Griffin Cooper acted like he owned the world. Rich, arrogant, and oh-so-irresistible. It was lust at first sight. The only problem? I worked for him and he didn’t even know my real name. Escaping my past forced me to hide my identity from the world. Including Mr. … Read More

Power Drilled

A Steamy Reverse Harem Romance

The first time I meet my new boss, he’s naked. Things are crazy right now. I’m between jobs. My ex cheated on me with my cousin. So I take an art class to relax—except now I’m sketching a hot-as-hell nude model who’s eyeing me as much as I am him. After class, he makes me an offer: move in with … Read More


Sleeping Dragons Book 1

For nearly a decade, Erika Rosencrans has carried on her dead father’s legacy to prove that dragons exist, but it isn’t only his old archaeology research that drives her. Dreams of a potently masculine, red-haired man haunt her sleep and leave her aching to know him in the flesh. She is only sure of one thing: the man of her … Read More

Shared At His Command

A neglected young wife falls under the spell of a sadistic loan shark after taking part in his risque fantasies to pay back her husband’s debt. Tropes: western, interracial, threesome, voyeurism, blackmail, cheating, age gap, wealthy suitor

The Biker’s Captive

An OTT insta love romance

She was in danger, so I took her… The moment I set eyes on Willow, my heart stops and my body goes into overdrive. She’s mine, and no one else will get even a glimpse of her until she realizes we’re meant to be together. Willow thinks I’m holding her prisoner, but I’m keeping her safe from those that would … Read More