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Ash Cinderella Taken by Q. Zayne


Imagine if Cinderella wasn’t such a good girl. A lonely near-orphan comes of age with secret powers. A crown prince evades royal life with secrets of his own. The bride-finding balls erupt in hidden magic. In a post-conquest world, Ash and the prince explore their mixed heritage as they come of age. Despite harsh punishments, the original people keep their … Read More

The Alien’s Prize by Zoey Draven


Welcome to Luxiria, where the twin suns are hot and the alien warriors are hotter… Kate Harper finally had everything going on back on Earth: her dream job, a kickass best friend, and an apartment completely void of her cheating ex. That is, until she wakes up, cuffed and naked, on an alien planet/fight club known as the Pit. Worse? … Read More

The Harem Gay Harem Omegaverse by M.H. Silver


Lust. Love. One omega, the three men who want him. And a spell so dangerous it might kill them all. Elliot is an omega working with three powerful men. Their plan is to take down the Order, the organization that betrayed them. With their skills put together they just might pull it off. Sweet and wicked Jacob, brimming with magic … Read More

Together Again A Second Chance Romance by Aria Ford


The last time I saw Brett, it was backstage when I was a top dancer, and he was a hot, famous athlete. This time around, after an injury ending my career, I’m waiting tables and he’s still the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s charming and sexy, and I can’t resist him. Our sizzling fling suddenly turns serious—his dark past … Read More

Her Billionaire Baby Daddies An Unexpected Baby Romance by Natasha Spencer


Blake and Adam Franklin are billionaire brothers, handsome, debonair, and known for dating ditsy supermodels. But when the intelligent, accomplished and newly divorced Sophia Nueva moves into the penthouse beside theirs, its love at first sight for all of them. How will Sophia choose between the two handsome brothers? Or will she have to? Which brother is the father of … Read More

The Good Mistress II: The Wedding by Amarie Avant


What would you do if you found your happily ever after, but the world was hellbent on keeping you from it? Somalian native, Mila Ali, endured two broken engagements. She never seemed to be destined for true love until billionaire Blake Baldwin came storming into her life. With a trail of heartache in the past, a dead fiancé and family … Read More

Prison Promise by Demi Vice


I’m the Jackpot of all Men. Jackhammer of all F*cks. Jack of all Trades. For seven years, I gave up my freedom for a crime I didn’t do. Why? Money and dreams. When it’s time to leave prison, my cellmate asks me for a favor–a promise. Find his sister, give her a letter, and leave. Easy, right? Wrong. Nothing about … Read More

Awakening Dragon A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by Isa Hunt


A dragon queen waiting to be unleashed. Three hot Alphas fighting to take her. An enemy who is out for blood. Kelly is pretty sure that she’s the most regular girl in the world. Until she almost gets killed three times on the same day. And is rescued by three insanely hot men. Her rescuers let her in on a … Read More

Sin City Baby A Reverse Harem Accidental Marriage Romance by Rye Hart


It’s the Vegas weekend before my best friend’s wedding – and all four Anderson brothers want me all to themselves. Strong. Sexy. Savage. The Anderson boys were my best friends. We grew up next-door to each other. Sleepovers were always fun. Twister games at night. Skin to skin contact. With them, I always liked to be in the middle But, … Read More