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Owned An OMYW Dark Romance by Zoey Oliver


“Liane. You came, didn’t you?” My trembling should have made it obvious. But he had to twist my bliss into something humiliating. Stoking the fire inside me even more. Melting away anything that was left of Liane. Or Lia. Leaving only my need. My insatiable appetite. He’s taken my innocence And teased it, taunted it, caged it. Taken it to … Read More

Mr. Control by Maya Hughes


She’s the one woman I should stay away from, but I can’t help myself… Rhys Thayer has found the one woman who can heal his heart, there’s only one problem. She’s the doting nanny with the eyes that peer into his soul who’s bringing his little girl out of her shell and completely off limits. Will his secrets end things … Read More

The Beginning of Everything by Blaire Broderick


He is my patient. I am his nurse. He is wealthy. I am destitute. He is sick. I am not. We’re not supposed to fall in love. Some people think we have no business being together. Some people think I’m a gold digger. An opportunist. The truth is, I’m just a girl who fell in love. I had absolutely no … Read More

Love Accidental A Romance Compilation by Tia Siren


I’m her billionaire boss. She’s the woman who stole my heart. Our love was accidental. So was our baby. But no one’s going to stop me from taking what’s mine. I didn’t see this coming. And then Kendall Adams entered my office. All curves and long legs in a tight pencil skirt, her green eyes begging me to take her. … Read More

One Rule by Ava Moreau


I had one rule: No men. Focus on my career now, focus on love later. Much later. But a trip to my hometown threw me into the path of two gorgeous men from my past. Now I have to choose: Obey my one rule, or be tempted into breaking it…twice.

Broken Compass by Jo Raven


What if you were in love not just with one, not just with two, but with three hot guys? And what if they wanted you back? This story will either end up in heartache, or as any story should: in a happy ending.

Blurred Red Lines Carrera Cartel Book 1 by Cora Kenborn


Eden In the wrong place at the wrong time, my life is changed when I witness a botched cartel hit. Kidnapped and held against my will, I find myself thrust into a cartel war as some sick consolation prize. I’ll make it out of here, and when I do, everyone from the kingpin to the bottom-feeding trigger man will fall. … Read More

Claiming My Soulmate by Jessica Blake


I sell the concept of love. But don’t believe in it. Until her. Although I created the world’s most popular dating app, I secretly don’t believe in love. In fact, I think people who do are fairy tale chasing fools. And soulmates? Only idiots would buy into that concept. When my secret gets out, my professional life and my billion … Read More

Damaged Goods A Small Town Romance by Talia Hibbert


Laura Burne arrives in Beesley-on-Sea searching for peace, happiness, and safety—not for the teenage sweetheart she left behind. And yet, one moonlit night on the beach, she finds him anyway. Samir may be a man now, but he’s still sexy as sin, still sweet as pie, and still determined to take care of her. The problem is, while he’s remained … Read More