Wowsers, you found your way to the hottest books we offer. Hope you like it spicy! If you’re wanting to tone it down a little, Full Hearts has books at medium heat, and Sweet Hearts has only low heat. Enjoy!

The Seeding Spell: Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy by Casey Morgan


Four human men. One female witch. And a magical pregnancy spell that must be enacted to save her town. The town of Love’s Hollow is supposed to be a magical, safe place for non-humans. But it’s being invaded by humans due to the fact that no one has activated the seeding spell that wards them off. Gwendolyn is the witch … Read More

Breaking In by Ashton Cade


After my divorce, my life has been just me, my little boy and my job. Some people might call me overprotective, but as the Sheriff, I know what can happen when you let down your guard. When my high school friend Christian comes to visit, sure, I remember us as teenagers, but what I can’t ignore is the fierce attraction … Read More

Mated to the Pack II (A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance) by Jade Alters


Four big, strong, hot Green Berets and one reporter. Courtney Seagal’s life was more or less dictated by her father. She’s now in Afghanistan because her “caring” father insisted that she work there. Now she’s suddenly in the care of 4 hot bodyguards. 4 hot wolf shifting protectors. Trekking across a mountainside in Afghanistan, Courtney will be faced with not … Read More

Captive (A Dark Romance) by Violet Noir


Good girls love their masters. Tessa has never been particularly good. Will “Dark desires mean the games I play in the bedroom have to be hidden from everyone’s eyes.” I’m not going to repeat the same mistake twice. The next toy I buy will be perfect. And Tessa really is all that, and more – except she has a smart … Read More

Take Me by Lulu Pratt


She thinks I’m an arrogant jerk but my Irish charm will work its magic. When I first see Poppy I’m instantly hard. I walk in on her changing, her big beautiful untouched body clad in nothing but a bra and panties. No size zero model makes my body react the way hers does. She’s a good girl but I’m going … Read More

Outracing Demons by Ali Parker


Hot. Fast. Dangerous. Only two things are capable of sating my hunger: racing and women. My best friend’s little sister feels off limits, until she isn’t. I might be outracing demons, but I’m not running from anything.

Dirty Charming (2 Curvy Fairy Tale Romance Novels) by Quin Zayne


What if the dangerous man is the right one? Prince in the rough. Rough hands, rough desires, rough courtship. There’s only one possible ending once he chooses his beauty for his own. Warning: These two fairy tale-inspired novels are for mature readers over 18 due to detailed sexual content, mild BDSM, and intense alpha passion. Safe, standalone romance novels with … Read More