Wowsers, you found your way to the hottest books we offer. Hope you like it spicy! If you’re wanting to tone it down a little, Full Hearts has books at medium heat, and Sweet Hearts has only low heat. Enjoy!

Ashes by HJ Welch


Kris Novak pours his heart and soul into his job at Hidden Creek’s only gay bar. When an arsonist burns the place to the ground, his whole life goes up in smoke. Firefighter Remi Washington never told anyone he’s bi. But when he temporarily offers his spare room to his best friend’s younger brother, he’s drawn to the twinky Kris … Read More

Derek (A Gritty Bad Boy MC Romance) by Ali Parker


I’ve never been the sort of man who needed a woman. I’ve never needed anyone, in fact. The Lost Breed MC gives me all that I could ever ask for. They’re family, and now they’re in danger. The Hand is inching closer and closer to our inner circle, and he’s never been more of a threat than he is right … Read More

The Code Series Box Set (A Reverse Harem Romance) by Bethany Jadin


*Limited Time Box Set* Multiple companies are vying for my new security program, including the men of Pentabyte. They’re intelligent, driven, wealthy—and it seems they want more than just my code. Despite my desire to keep things professional, I’m drawn to each of them in ways I never expected. But someone is playing malicious games, striking out at me from … Read More

Dark Rapture by Logan Fox


They bought her body, not her silence. A desperate stripper. A secluded manor owned by three billionaires. And a savage evil sheltered deep within its luxurious walls. When Pearl accepts a 100,000 dollar paycheck to work as a Fox at a members-only gentleman’s club, she’s excited to start. In thirty days, she’d be debt free with enough money to begin … Read More

Echo in Time by Lindsey Fairleigh


The past clashes with the present in this paranormal tale of ancient prophecies and warring gods. If you like Egyptian mythology, steamy romance, and headstrong characters, then you’ll love the first installment in this sprawling time travel adventure.

The Fixer (Vegas Heat - Book 2) by Myra Scott


Rodney… The rich and powerful in Vegas know me as “The Fixer.” I make problems go away and save their asses. To make it to the top of such a cutthroat world, playing dirty is inevitable, and sometimes people get hurt. One of those people was my classmate, the hunky, but off-limits Hudson North, who just showed up in court … Read More

Social Expectations (One Temptation, No Rules Forbidden Romance Novella) by Alexa Lynch


Amelia is the perfect woman. Matthew would love her forever, if he could. Fate has decided otherwise. A literal wall stands in the way Of the couple’s love. For Amelia and Matthew, love runs too close to home. Her protector, Ed, a man she considers a father is married to Matthew’s mom. They’re not related, but they might as well … Read More

Shattered Warrior by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka


Detective Orlando Trovatelli is a glutton for punishment when it comes to matters of the heart and not even his shifter instincts can keep him on course. It’s bad enough that he has feelings for the Vampire Queen, who is mated to one of the most powerful males of the Tehrex Realm, but then he falls for Jaidis, a mated … Read More