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Blood Red Rose by Fawn Bailey


Fall in love with the world of deep, dark secrets and sexy bad men who know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to take it.

Claiming Her: (A Reverse Harem Romance) by A.J. Snyder


In a world with no rules, you claim what you want… And they all want her. The new flu vaccine that was supposed to save lives turned humans into bloodthirsty zombies instead. For the past two years, Trinity Sanders has found herself fighting for her life in an apocalyptic world she never imagined would exist. After she’s suddenly caught in … Read More

Fake Marriage Act by Lulu Pratt


Fake a marriage for a million dollars…Easy! My buddy signed me up for a reality TV show. Marry a stranger and after 6 months split a million dollars. Even better I find out if I walk away first, I get it all! An easy million in my pocket. Then I see her as she walks down the aisle. F***! I’m … Read More

Brody Judge ((Heartbreakers & Heroes Book 5)) by Ciana Stone


Brodie’s come to Cotton Creek simply because he has a lot of leave time, and the new training facility that was built in the same county is about to have a two-hundred foot climbing tower. There’s little Brodie likes more than free-climbing and he’s agreed to train a new batch of recruits. It’ll give him some down time to maybe … Read More