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Touchdown Baby

My coach father asked me not to date his footballers. So, I’ll focus on my theatre degree instead. Enter, Junior Morgan. The quarterback. Exit, my clothes. We have to end this, but walking away isn’t easy. Not with Junior’s kiss on my lips. His hand caressing mine. His baby inside of me. Congratulations, quarterback. You scored. Now what?

Swing and a Miss

Baseball superstar AJ Williamson had always been Katie’s celebrity crush…but things are about to get real when he appears in the cafe where she works. When AJ has more interest in his barista than a latte, Katie’s dreams are about to come true. But will this romance be a home run or a strikeout? A laugh out loud, feel-good romantic … Read More

B is for Brett

Caught in the rain, we shelter at his cabin. One thing leads to another, And we’re carried away in the storm. My past shows up, bringing danger with it. Brett protects me, keeps me close. A surprise pregnancy leaves me gasping for air. What if he doesn’t want this baby? I have to tell him the truth. If my psycho … Read More


A Steamy Firefighter Romance

Kissing her fire chief boss was the BEST BAD idea ever. Firefighter Erin Hudgens was ten seconds from living out her ‘trapped in a supply closet with a hot guy who would perform acts of unspeakable pleasure to her willing body.’ Oh, no, that sexy guy is her no-nonsense fire chief, Noah Baker, who just put her firehouse on probation. … Read More

Seductions of a Duke’s Daughter

Ellie always expected to be a spinster. Society barely tolerated her and she barely tolerated men. Viscount Ashford is no exception to that rule. In fact, she dislikes the man most heartily. Which makes it all the more frustrating when he declares they have to work together to investigate a mystery. Unfortunately, he’s right.

Falling for a Rake

A Victorian Romance

He’s the most notorious rake in England. She’s a Perfect Lady. Their secrets will come tumbling out. . . A rake and a perfect lady fall down a disused mine shaft whilst fern hunting, compromising her reputation and forcing them into a fake engagement. They couldn’t be more different, or so they think. A sexy opposites attract fake engagement romance!