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This book contains the following triggers: Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Physical & Mental Abuse, SIDS, and Rape. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Rose My husband is dead. All that remains are our memories. My children will never know their father. I will never know how it feels to grow old with him. All I have left are the voices. … Read More

Baby, Light My Fire

A Steamy Firefighter Romance Collection

Enjoy this steamy firefighter romance collection from bestselling authors! Baby, Light My Fire is a bundle of six full-length contemporary romance novels full of firefighters hotter than the flames they put out… Flames of Love (From USA Today Bestselling Author Erin Wright) Let It Be Me (From RITA® Award-winning Author Kait Nolan) A Hero’s Homecoming (From USA Today Bestselling Author … Read More

Love Unmasked

A Hot Enemies-to-Lovers Midlife Romance

What happens when Little Red Riding Hood meets the Big Bad Wolf? Maya meets the man of her dreams at her friend’s Halloween masquerade party. But when the masks come off she realizes her dream guy is actually her nightmare boss! How can the guy who terrorizes her at work be the same person who makes her forget everything around … Read More

Kittens, Puppies & Love

A Small-Town, Slow-Burn Mystery Romance

Would you expose your heart for love? Veterinarian Emma Foster arrives in Swan Harbor with one thing on her mind, making her business a success. But she didn’t anticipate the lure of the small town or the pull of a man’s magnetic blue eyes. Their potent combination threatens to derail her well-ordered plans. Investigator Killian Reade has used his good … Read More

The Wild Side

A Friends-to-Lovers Romance

That marriage pact I made with my grumpy, off-limits best friend. That was totally a joke…Right? It was a heat-of-the-moment agreement scribbled onto the back of a crinkled gas station receipt nine years ago. “If neither of us are married by age 30, we’ll marry each other.” Haha! So funny! Cash moved to a city 500 miles away. Building his … Read More

Home Run Baby

I didn’t expect to get knocked out by a baseball over Spring Break. Getting knocked up by a college baseball player was a surprise, too. Hunter Novak. Home Run Hunter himself. We’re strangers, so we’re going back to first base in the hope it leads to first love. Are me and my one night stand a home run? Or was … Read More

Home Game

My hot Vegas one night stand who was supposed to disappear without a trace is apparently not just my brother’s best friend, but also in some crazy twist of fate…he’s my new roommate.

G is for Gerry

I should stay away from her, but I’m drawn to her. A bad accident cost her a leg and her college career. She’s independent and fierce and doesn’t want my help Our first kiss at the bonfire was incredible. The connection between us proves this is no fling This chemistry, this intimacy — irresistible.

Anyone But the Earl

A Gilded Age Romance

What would you do to avoid a marriage you dread? American heiress Octavia Sewell will do anything to avoid the awful earl her mother wants her to marry—even arrange to be compromised by one of her brother’s handsome friends. But who knew that offering her virginity to a man would be quite so awkward? W. Clifton is always ready to … Read More