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Eadan’s Vow

A Scottish Time Travel Romance

Stranded in time, she finds herself bonded to a handsome highlander… After traveling to Scotland for a solo artist’s retreat, Fiona Stewart finds herself mysteriously transported to the fourteenth century. But as she attempts to get back to her own time, complications ensue when she meets a handsome highlander who sets her heart aflame…

Louder Than Love

She’s a young widow with a child to raise…he’s a recluse rocker with a reputation. Music brings them together – but will the past tear them apart? When a librarian crosses paths with a rock star, opposites attract and sparks fly in this lyrical second-chance-at-love story, perfect for fans of romance and women’s fiction. Recluse guitarist Adrian “Digger” Graves survived … Read More


Life has taught me I’m forgettable, unless someone needs something from me. I’m the forgettable one. Always have been. Always will be. Wanting to feel like I’m a priority for one night, I take matters into my own hands and book a date through The Perfect Gentleman’s service. Little do I know my entire life is about to be turned … Read More

Bourbon & Brawn

A Steamy Second Chance Bodyguard Romance

USA Today Bestselling Author, Kristin Lee brings you her signature emotionally damaged characters fighting for a second chance. She’s the heir to a bourbon empire. He’s the Navy Seal tasked with keeping her safe.
But will their shared past be the key to their survival or will it shatter their second chance? Beau: His heart pounds as the lawyer utters, “She needs you.”
 They … Read More


The Commons Book 1

All Lily wants is to start over. A move to the city, with a new job in a cryonics lab is the perfect way to rebuild her life. She just doesn’t expect her employers to be a pair of violent, power-hungry aliens with time travel abilities. Hauling a pile of museum artifacts in a dilapidated patrol ship, the worst things … Read More

Mafia Savages

A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance

They vow to shield me from their dangerous world, but can they protect my heart? Each night, a trio of mafia enforcers frequents my bar. They’re tempting, but perilous. When one saves my life, all three vow to protect me from a threat I never saw coming. Rocco, though menacing, makes me feel safe. When I see him with his … Read More

Good Girl

I’ve always been a good girl… Until I got pregnant and realized I have no idea whose the baby is. My mom instilled all the right values in me. I’m hard-working, loyal and kind. I’m inexperienced at twenty-three years old… Until I walk into three separate lecture halls and three different professors catch my eye. Derek teaches Modern Literature and … Read More

Mile High Baby

“Have you joined the Mile High club yet?” “No…” “Do you want to?” I shouldn’t have said yes… but I did. A panicked phone call from my father has me boarding a plane and flying cross-continent. I never expect to meet a brazen, distinguished silver fox on the plane. Much less the older gentleman initiating me into the Mile High … Read More

E of My Enemy

Both families, alike in greed and power. He belonged to one and I the other. Now I was pregnant with his child. In order to keep my baby safe, I had to run away from everyone… even him.