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An Enemies-to-Lovers Quick Read Romance

A super fast-burn enemies-to-lovers romance to devour in a single sitting! I haven’t been Liam’s biggest fan. In fact, I’m the one who nicknamed him the Angry Aussie. Behind his back, of course. I’m more shocked than anyone that I’m starting to see him in a new light. One night and then back to hating him. I wish I could … Read More


He’s a bad boy trying to be good… Ford’s gone from playboy to responsible CEO. Since inheriting his father’s billion-dollar corporation, he has everything to prove. He also has a secret. Her name is Autumn, and her voice is perfect. Sometimes sweet and innocent, sometimes sultry and seductive, but always exactly right. She’s a good girl pretending to be bad… … Read More

Holiday Terminal

Two hearts. One snowstorm. A second chance at love. Penelope Swirling snow may have stranded me at this tiny airport in the middle of nowhere on Christmas Eve, but it has nothing on the storm raging inside me when he walks into the terminal. Artemis Warren. My first love and the man who shattered my world. I thought I locked … Read More

The Doherty Mafia Series Collection

The Doherty Mafia is led by six brothers you don’t want to f*ck with. Especially when it comes to the women they love. Authors Kasey Krane and Savannah Rylan bring you this hot AF six book set of interconnected Irish Mafia Romances. Featuring: Killian Aidan Colin Brendan Tristian Nolan

Saving the King

The fate of Camelot rest on Katrina being able to save the newborn Prince Arthur. Katrina would do anything for her long-time friend and Queen, so when the newborn Prince is thrust into her arms she promises to protect him as she is rushed with Arthur to Merlin’s. When Morgana’s Demon Army attacks her carriage, Katrina is outnumbered and outmatched … Read More