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Forbidden Mate by Cecilia Lane


When Leah Arden crashes her car, bear shifter Callum Strathorn leads the first responders. But as her wits return, she sees forbidden things, like a mysterious town and a man shifting into a bear. And if things couldn’t get worse, the stubborn and aggravatingly sexy woman smells and tastes just like his fated mate. Leah lives a life haunted by … Read More

Master of the Moor by Emmanuelle de Maupassant


After more than twenty years in exile, Mallon de Wolfe—formidable, handsome, and with a shard of ice where his heart should be—is returning to Dartmoor. A place vast, barren and perilous. A place where secrets refuse to remain buried. Mallon has vowed to conquer the betrayals of his youth but faces new danger as his attraction grows for the mysterious … Read More

Scottish Werebear: Books 1-3 A Collection of BBW Bear Shifter Paranormal Romances by Lorelei Moone


In present-day Scotland, not everyone is who they appear to be. Shifters have been hiding in plain sight for generations. Then, the unthinkable comes along: a human fated mate who turns Derek’s world upside down… Fall in love with the Scottish Werebears while reading the first three books in the series; An Unexpected Affair, A Dangerous Business and A Forbidden … Read More

The Honeymoon Series (Books 2, 3, & 4) by Lily Zante


Enjoy Books 2, 3 & 4 of the Honeymoon Series in one boxed set Book 1 (Honeymoon for One) is free. The Honeymoon Series (Books 2, 3 & 4) is a sweeping story of love and romance, and friends and family, set against the magical backdrop of Italy. Find out what happens when a bride jilted weeks before her Valentine’s … Read More

Money Can’t Buy Love Book 1 by Ali Parker


Sometimes love demands a second chance, but it will never be bought, no matter the amount. Michael Carrington promised himself after losing his wife that he was done with love. Rainey Foster has finally graduated college, and as a struggling single mom, she just needs someone to give her a chance. Powerful. Confident. Sexy as Hell. Lust might ignite the … Read More