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And Never Let Her Go by Nancy Glynn

Eight years ago, Erin Donahue had it all–her own city apartment, a career in photography, and a man who’d do anything for her. But things change. When one woman decides she’s not meant for love, her past drives up her lane in the form of a letter and in the hand of a familiar stranger.

Heaven by Holly J. Martin

When Zena Jones isn’t working as a tattoo artist, she’s reluctantly exploring New York with her best friend. That’s how they end up in Heaven, one of the city’s most exclusive S&M clubs. Zena nearly regrets entering—until she meets Marcus, a mysterious stranger who convinces her to unleash her hidden desires for just one night. With him.

Kraving Khiva by Zoey Draven

Eve is an outcast on the New Earth colony of Everton. Curvy, unmarried, and shy? Among Everton’s society, those are three strikes against her. Incredibly lonely, she does something reckless. She pays for an unforgettable night with a Krave—legendary alien lovers with non-human abilities in the bedroom. Only, she never expected to fall for him.

Hot Cop by Natasha L. Black

“Do you want me to lose control?” My new recruit is nothing but trouble. Laura’s a big city cop, home to take care of her dad. She’s my best friend’s sister, AKA forbidden territory. Lush curves. Smart mouth. Everything I can’t resist. Off-limits? Who cares. She’s mine, and I’ll destroy anyone who gets in my way.

Defiant Prince by AG Henderson

Ambrose LaCroix is Death. Mysterious. Inevitable. Out to get me. I hated him before I knew his name. Yet an invitation to Black Rose is priceless. I’ll burn myself on the heat between us to win this war. He rules this campus, but he doesn’t rule me.

Her Ride by Flora Ferrari

Should I stay or should I go? Sure, I need my dad, somewhere to live. But I don’t need to be mixed up in the mess he’s got himself into. Taking police bribes and faking taxes for dealers and meth labs? I’m out. I won’t have a part in it. What I need is a knight in shining armor. Help … Read More

Loving the Enemy by Mia Faye

Thanks for the fun…Andre. That’s what the note with orange juice and a muffin next to my bed says when I wake up. That’s it. No phone number, no text. The next day, I learn that Mr. I’m-so-handsome-and-I-know-it is my new boss(hole)! Weeks later, morning sickness tells me I’m carrying his unexpected suprise… is now a good time to tell … Read More