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Concierge, Inc. 1

Morgan I’m an off-the-books nomad working for Concierge, Inc. I move people and products, extract information, and clean house for crime syndicates up and down the West Coast. Once again, I’m partner-less, but I need someone at my back. On a trip to Seattle to pick up my new protégé, I blow the job before it’s even started. Now I … Read More

Season of Desire

I turned him down… he bought the entire ballet company. I still said no… he blew hundreds of thousands on a night out for everyone. I gave into my lust… and he got me pregnant. His name is Alexei Federov and he is a mafia kingpin. When he sees me dancing in a ballet performance, he forces his way into … Read More

Rough Start

An MC Biker Romance

When Eliana and her alcoholic dad ran away from their home, they weren’t intending to ever return. Years later, through hard work and grit, she not only graduated from the way-out-of-budget Harvard, but has become a successful lawyer. When she receives the sad news of her father’s death, she can’t help but feel a slight sense of relief. At last, … Read More

Bossed by the Mountain Man

Emmy A year after being rejected by my first love and my best friend’s older brother, Grant, I return to Covet County for a fresh-old start. Turns out the big city isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and my blood pressure and bank account agree. Now, I’m in desperate need of a job. So when my best friend Ayla … Read More

Baller’s Fiancé

An Enemies to Lovers Surprise Pregnancy Boss Romance

I lost my V card to a ridiculously hot NFL star. Who just so happens to be my brother’s best friend. This was suppose to be a secret of the past. But when my brother decides to sell his company to Dominick, the past comes back to haunt me. Working beside him proves to be a difficult challenge. Especially when … Read More

One True Mate 9

Troy was a man trapped in a wolf’s body for three decades, until a nap changed his life forever. Now that he’s a wolf trapped in a man’s body, he’s not going back. Food? Good. Partying? Better. Women? Best. Until he sees her.

Rescue & Redemption Series Box Set 1

Small town, big secrets… This box set contains the first three steamy, suspenseful novels in the bestselling Rescue & Redemption Series! Friendly Fire Police chief Grayson Thorne has been in love with his best friend, Claire, for years. But when she finds herself caught in the crosshairs of a brutal attacker, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her … Read More