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Battery Operated

An Enemies-to-Lovers Reverse Harem Romance

They hate me. I hate them. And now we have to spend a whole week together. I didn’t even know Brady, Cole, and Gideon when I said some unkind things about them on social media. Even influencers need to blow off steam, right? Then they strike back. They publicly challenge me to stay at their rural little inn, and I … Read More

A Breath of Fresh Heiress

When city girl Grace McReady inherits a huge decaying mansion in Tennessee, she discovers she has hidden depth and a surprisingly innovative brain. Rem Jackson was the town’s Golden Boy until everything went wrong. Only one thing stands between Rem and his dream of saving the town (and his reputation)—and she just moved into the River House.

Christmas with the Older Man

I was the good girl. Now I’m breaking all the rules For an older man Who’s my ex’s uncle! Older, sophisticated and sexy as hell, He’s also my new boss. Being the good girl left me unsatisfied. For once I’m going after what I want, Even if he’s forbidden.

Yuletide Kisses

A Medieval Christmas Anthology

Grab some hot cocoa and get swept away to the magic of Scotland in four all new medieval romances where yuletide kisses lead to true love. Includes fan favorite tropes: friends to lovers, marriage of convenience, hidden identities, and best friend’s sister.

Ruthless Wolf

Black Diamond Alpha

I watched my entire pack get slaughtered. My family. My friends. My future mate. Ever since, revenge has been my sole focus. Adeline is the daughter of the Alpha responsible for my loss. I’ve been watching her, learning. She’s sweet. Innocent. Their pack’s weakness. One I’m going to take advantage of. Except the first night we officially meet, everything changes. … Read More

Caveman Alien’s Prize

He’s eight feet tall, he has blue spots and he wrestles deadly dinosaurs for fun. He’s a nightmare of violence and danger. Now this caveman alien is about to win a prize for it: Me. We’ll just see. I may be one of only five girls abducted from Earth and dumped on this nightmarish planet, but I know how to … Read More

Marrying The Protective Professor

A Curvy Girl, Age Gap, Instalove Romance (Curvy Brides of Blossom Ford Book 1)

Maddox Ella is the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. She’s also kind, sweet and way too young for a scarred, divorced, grizzly mountain of a man like me. But when an ex attacks her, nothing can stop me from claiming Ella to keep her safe. Marrying The Protective Professor is a short sweet and steamy series standalone marriage of convenience … Read More


A Spring to Remember

It’s impossible, said her pride. It’s risky, said her experience. It’s pointless, said her reason. Give it a try, whispered her heart. There were few things Quinn didn’t know, and nothing she couldn’t find out. She knew with absolute certainty she didn’t want to be anything more than a friend to Marco, the heir to the Maderian throne. As assassination … Read More

Twisted Metal

I should be terrified of them—but I’ve never felt safer… When I begged the Twisted Metal MC to take me in exchange for my father’s freedom, I never thought I’d be anything more than a trade to them. A transaction. I was wrong.