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Staking a Claim (The Whisperers Book 1) by Ciana Stone


Lust was a horse he could ride. Love? He didn’t believe in love. Until she walked into his life and changed everything. Come take a ride with Jed Nash in Book One of The Whisperer Series .. Staking a Claim Jed Nash had a few simple rules in life. (1.) Family always comes first, (2.) Know when to keep it … Read More

Ache Men Of Hidden Creek by Alison Hendricks


Doctor Wes Monroe is just looking for another one-night stand. When he takes a stranger home from the bar, he never expects to see the man again. Kyle Harris is ready for a change. New town. New job. New person to mend his broken heart. After a lifetime of thinking he was straight, he never expected that person to be … Read More

Always Men Of Hidden Creek by Dillon Hunter


Ten years ago, Jonah Miller said goodbye to the boy he loved and the town he grew up in to follow his dreams in New York. Mitch Davis always assumed his future was set: career military like every Davis before him and a lifetime in the closet. An injury changes everything, giving him a chance to choose a different future … Read More

Wolf-a-Bye-Baby: Paranormal Dating Agency by Rebel West


A passionate one-night-stand in a strange hotel room, a heat of the moment bite… and one missing mate. Desperate to find the mysterious woman who could be the key to happiness for both of them, Dylan and Carter turn to the Paranormal Dating Agency for help. If Gerri can find Jade and bring them all together, there’s a happily ever after … Read More

Grady Judd (Heartbreakers & Heroes Book 1) by Ciana Stone


If there was such a thing as an urban legend in Cotton Creek it was Grady Judd. He’d broken the heart of every woman he’d ever kissed and he’d kissed a plenty. Many tried to rope him, tie him down and drag him to the altar, but Grady wasn’t the marrying kind. In fact, no one was quite sure what … Read More

Wait For Me: Mountain Mermaids (Sapphire Lake) by Moxie North


Welcome to Aurora Falls. Home of platter-sized pancakes, the Northern Lights, and… a lake full of finned immortal warriors in search of their mates. This mountain getaway is full of sexy shimmering secrets just waiting to be revealed… Skye Brooks travels to Aurora Falls to expand her education and learn the art of natural healing. In a small town under … Read More

My Boyfriend’s Dad by Amy Brent


My boyfriend introduced us. He was handsome, charming, and sweet. We were friends. Now everything’s changed. When I see him, my heart hurts knowing I can’t have him. When I don’t see him, it hurts even more. My boyfriend is supposed to make me feel protected. Make my body ache for his touch. But it’s not my boyfriend who makes … Read More

Taboo Romance: The Engagement by Ashley Sands


When Laura Griffith’s roommate convinces her to go to a club to celebrate the start of Spring Break, she never imaged that she would meet a sexy man. Thinking she would never see him again, she heads south to spend the week with her mother and her new fiancé, Robert, at a beach house. Yet she still thinks about the … Read More

Wiley Johns Heartbreakers & Heroes Book 6 by Ciana Stone


If you ask someone to describe Wiley the answer would be… Wiley “is”. Is all man, all heart, all fun, all courage, all about pleasuring a woman, and all “in” when he goes after something. He also is a mystery and not one that is easily solved. So, how is a woman supposed to resist that?