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Dreamers in Cheshire Bay

Mia loves Cheshire Bay more than she loves herself. Between the landscape, the people, and the idyllic setting, it’s her whole world. She’s happiest showing the area to people looking to enjoy a less-hectic, peaceful way of life. On the hunt for a fresh, new property, recently divorced Zachary Newton-Garcia discovers the small town hidden gem nestled along the Pacific … Read More

Marrying The Obsessed CEO

A Curvy Girl, Age Gap, Instalove Romance

Winona I’m expected me to work for the family business which for generations, has been run by the eldest daughters. Instead, I work hard to find my own path. When I land a prestigious job as Julian Sanders’ assistant, the CEO of a fast-growing management consultancy firm, I’m determined to succeed. But on my first day, I discover Julian is … Read More

My Dark Romeo

Romeo and Juliet meets Beauty and the Beast in this sizzling forced marriage romance between a tortured billionaire and the feisty heiress determined to ruin him.


Book one of the Perfectly Independent Series

I don’t date during the season. The number of trolls who venture into the arena simply to chase jerseys is unbelievable. In fact, I typically distance myself from the social side of being a college athlete because I have my eye on something bigger than our next D-1 championship. I’ve taken painstaking measures to avoid distractions – at all costs. … Read More

Marrying The Widowed Doctor

A Curvy Girl, Age Gap, Instalove Romance

Liam To keep a promise and make my twins happy, I have no choice other than enter into an arranged marriage. Angel Clark is too young for me but the infertile curvy beauty wants kids more than she wants a husband. Which makes her the perfect bride for a man determined to never open himself up to the pain of … Read More

Stay With Me

A Protector Romance Collection

These alpha heroes are rugged. Sexy. Fierce. And they’ll stop at nothing to protect the women they love. From chaos in the Caribbean to a steamy workplace fling, Stay With Me brings you eleven full-length, first in series novels packed with sizzling romance and suspense. They’ll capture your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat with scorching … Read More