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Reckless (Episode 1 of the Shattered Chronicles) by Ciana Stone


This isn’t a typical series of interconnected stand alone books. This is an ongoing tale that starts in Reckless and tells the story of a group of people who discover they’ve spend their lives not having a clue about the true reality of things. “Perhaps my biggest sin was that my faith in Cord was so uncompromising and complete, I … Read More

Best Friend’s Daddy by Victoria Snow


I know it’s so wrong, but my best friend needs to know. So, how do we say it? Hey, I’m pregnant with your father’s child! You’re gonna be a big sister! Yay!!! No, this can’t happen. She can’t know. No one can know.

His Corporate Claim by J.D. Fox


Who would have thought that a fake engagement could lead to a real love story? When thoughtful, careful Talia is presented with an outlandish plan by her boss to protect her from his player brother, she decides to go along with it. After all, she doesn’t want to be subjected to Sam’s supposedly lecherous advances, and isn’t in a position … Read More

Blustocking Brides by Samantha Holt


“No eligible bachelor wants to marry a bluestocking…especially not those frightful Chadwick girls.” – Lady Jersey, Almacks Patroness. All books 99c each!

Saving Her by Katy Kaylee


God…I love the woman… But she’s got secrets of her own. Secrets that involve a stalker… Or is it her crazy ex? I can see it in her eyes – the hurt, the fear, the vulnerability. And I’m going to protect her, save her, claim her – Her and the baby growing inside her!

Perfect by Chance (A Marriage of Convenience Romance) by Everly Chase


Wed without my knowledge to a perfect stranger. Forced to hide out together in the wilderness. The debut novel by contemporary romance author Everly Chase. A gritty, steamy, suspenseful marriage of convenience between a gruff alpha protector and a spirited young woman. Two souls that should never end up together — but fate has other ideas. Full-length standalone romance novel … Read More

Wait for Me by JH Croix


My priorities are my daughter and my job as a first responder. Romance isn’t even on the radar. Until one little package changes everything. In a single mind-blowing hour, I end up with a package meant for Valentina Smith, and I find out she’s a virgin. I won’t even mention what’s in that package.

Anything Between Us by Sarah Fine


Bestselling author Sarah Fine presents a powerful standalone romance sure to thrill new adult readers everywhere. What if falling in love is the biggest risk of all?

The Ex’s Dad by Victoria Snow


He’s twice my age, and my teacher. Yet, I am addicted to him. Everything’s going perfect until the day, I walk into his kitchen wearing nothing but a towel… And I’m introduced to his son. His son….my ex! Umm…Did I tell you I’m carrying Professor McS@xy’s baby!