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Alien Viking’s Passion

A Forbidden Love Romance

Prince Craxon can’t fall in love. If he does, the land he rules will be destroyed by a terrible monster. So he has rejected every woman who’s ever tried to woo him, always staying icy and aloof. But the small, round and exotic abductee Aretha is tempting him to ignore the ancient curse. After they have a steamy encounter, he … Read More

Grumpy as Puck

When his beloved dog gets into an accident, hockey player Cillian rushes to the vet. Of course the only one who can save his pup turns out to be Daisy, his teammate’s extremely off-limits younger sister and Cillian’s longtime crush…


A missing person, a stalker seemingly back from the dead, and a woman who isn’t going to let the past ruin her future. Sofia Parisi’s divorce leads her to Mystery Lake, evoking fond childhood memories. There, she discovers a serial killer’s evidence and faces a resurrected stalker. Amidst this chaos, she meets Josh Warwick, a single dad and business owner. … Read More


The Sideways Series Book 1

Start this steamy second chance billionaire romance series by Bestselling romance author Annie Carlisle. I killed him. I didn’t mean to kill him. It was either him or me. So I fought for my life. Justifiable Homicide. That’s what the DA called it. Olivia: They can call it whatever they want, but in the end, I killed him and I … Read More

Buck Up, Buttercup

Montgomery Brothers Book 1

All’s fair in love and war. With Randi and Buck, it’s hard to tell the two apart… An uptight, self-contained college girl, Randi Becker just needed one thing: a room. Somewhere she could study, and keep away from the things that most confuse and frighten her: people. Unfortunately, the “nice quiet place” she reserved turns out to be a room … Read More


A military instalove short

Finn I’ve been in love with Ash most of my life but she’s never thought of me as anything but her little brother’s best friend. Even though I gave up hope a long time ago, she’s it for me. No other woman will do. Now she’s here, snowed in with me and I have one chance left. Ashley My brother … Read More

Deep Into the Night

A Hartz Island Mystery

In this romantic suspense thriller, Special Investigation Agent Jack Wyatt returns to Hartz Island in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, enlisting the aid of his former Navy SEAL boss, Kip Hendricks and his Canadian counter-part Dan Johnson. Jack is convinced the increase in human trafficking in Seattle and on the west coast is being routed through the San Juan Islands … Read More

Cort’s Faith

Wyoming Rough

Faith Thomas never stopped loving Cort Malloy, the rugged cowboy who broke her heart. When she hears he’s been injured in a fire on his ranch, she rushes back to his ranch, Hell’s Gate, unable to stay away. Though Faith only intends to check on Cort, as she sees the damage to the land, she feels compelled to stay and … Read More