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The Taming of a Wicked Rogue by Samantha Holt

Forced to leave her privileged life behind, Rebecca Fortescue’s life changed overnight nearly ten years ago. Now, with the tightening of a noose, she needs to make amends for what her father did. Which means returning, secretly, to the place where he did the most damage. And to the residence of one only man she ever loved…

Marry Me by Samantha Lind

What do you do when you receive a wedding invitation from the one girl you always thought you would marry? That dreaded day arrived, and I knew I’d lost her forever. Sam was always my constant. My rock. My best friend. Do I keep moving forward, knowing a man who loves me is at the end? Or do I risk … Read More

Beneath the Fallen City (The Omni Towers, #1) by Jamie A. Waters

Some secrets are better left buried… Kayla is a scavenger, driven to search the ruins of abandoned cities for artifacts in exchange for critical life-saving supplies. But, the rarest artifacts are found in the most dangerous ruins—those under control by the OmniLab traders. Carl is one of those traders—and Kayla’s invaded his district. He’s determined to stop her and the … Read More