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Anyone But the Earl (A Gilded Age Romance) by Irene Davis

A headstrong heiress… Daughter of a wealthy New York family, Octavia Sewell is on track to be the next American heiress married into the British aristocracy. Her mother is thrilled—Octavia is not. An unwanted earl… The Earl of Brackley is a detestable bore, and there are much more interesting prospects among the rowing friends of Octavia’s brother. …and a scandal … Read More

Double Dog Dare by Kameron Claire

“I dare you” Three little words I can’t say no to–they have gotten me into plenty of trouble over the years, but this time I think I’ll like the consequences. Mara: This is my first big event planning job–an Animal Rescue Charity Ball–and I’m hosting it in the hotel of the hottest man I’ve ever met. Of course, he wants … Read More

The Last Heartbeat (Love at Last, Book 1) by Katerina Simms

Agathe Santos made a vow. To love her child until the very last heartbeat. Hers. Not theirs… Four years after her daughter’s death, Agathe knows that hope is for losers and so is love. Work has become her greatest escape. But even the world’s loneliest woman can’t hide forever… Reluctant CEO Luke Tindall wants a wife, a family, a love … Read More