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The Wedding Proposal by R.R. Banks


“Will you marry me and carry my baby?” Ruthless billionaire. Cold. Untamable. Relationships meant nothing to me. I never wanted a family. Then she walked into my office. My best friend’s little sister. She’s more beautiful than I remembered. I wanted to protect her in the past, but I f*cked up. Years passed. She’s my new secretary. And still the … Read More

The Rebel (A Bad Boy Romance) by Aria Ford


I’m untouchable. I stopped giving a f*ck about anything years ago. Not my father’s money or his expectations. Rock hard and reckless, nothing ever gets to me. Until I met Bethany. Her sweet curves, her smart mouth. She got under my skin. I had to get her into my bed. She was my drug and I’d never get enough. I … Read More

Werebear’s Nanny (A Paranormal Romance) by T. S. Ryder


A gal looking for a new start PLUS a Beary single dad with a rock-hard body PLUS a beast out for blood… After a disastrous marriage, Cynthia has accepted that she’ll never have her prince charming. Her chance at a fresh start arrives when she gets a job as a nanny on a mysterious island. But when she sees her … Read More