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Kept by the Woodsman by Ambrielle Kirk


I warned her not to come back through my woods. She didn’t listen. She belongs to me now. My name is Saul. Also known as The Silencer. I’ve beaten men bloody with my f*#king fists to make a living. That’s all behind me now. Or at least that’s what I thought. Who would’ve guessed that the woman who came to … Read More

Saint or Sinner by Jolie Day


17 years ago, I made a mistake. A big one. I was involved in a murder case. But they had to let me go – due to lack of evidence. Mira doesn’t care about that. She was eight years old when her father was killed. She hates me. She doesn’t believe I’m innocent. Years have passed and she has become … Read More

Private Hearts by Grant C. Holland


Dak Preston is a deckhand on a Mississippi river towboat. That means four weeks on the river and two weeks onshore. It also means men willing to stick around for a relationship are hard to find. He’s learned to keep his heart protected from the chaos of men drifting in and out of his bed. Brody Sexton, his best friend … Read More

Save Me by Aria Grayson


After a mistake that cost the life of the man he loved, former Special Forces soldier Aidan Byrne has nothing to live for. Up against his brother’s abusive boyfriend, with his career and his life in jeopardy, lawyer Liam McKay has everything to lose… Liam needs protection. Aidan sees a chance to make up for his past wrongs. But when … Read More

Courage of a Highlander by Katy Baker


Kara Buchanan relies on nobody but herself. As an investigative reporter, she’s driven and focused, always looking for the next story: the next corrupt corporation to expose, the next underdog to champion. But it leaves no room in her life for anything else – especially love. So when a strange old woman gives her a cryptic clue to a story … Read More

Eirik (A Time Travel Romance) by Joanna Bell


A brutal Viking Berserker leads a raid. The English town of Caistley offers Eirik and his men little in the way of booty. A few pigs, a few sacks of grain, some gold and silver. Most of the inhabitants have already fled, but a few remain. One in particular – a woman – catches the warrior’s eye. She’s oddly dressed, … Read More