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Covert Identities by Amabel Daniels


On the heels of a nasty divorce, celebrity dancer Amy Perry expects a mess when she returns to the summerhouse her Uncle Henri willed her. But she didn’t count on the headache of one too-hot-to-handle contractor—who also happens to be her childhood nemesis. Despite the shock of learning who his new employer is, Sean Newland wants to treat this renovation … Read More

Ride a Cowboy… or Two by Terry Towers


Ryker Living on a secluded ranch in a small town doesn’t leave a guy with many options in the love department. My brother and I had gone through all the local girls without success. As a last resort, I went online and found us the perfect mail-order bride. My brother wasn’t into the idea at first, but she seems amazing, … Read More

Making the Rules by Ali Parker


From USA Today Best Selling author Ali Parker Never Again… After having his hand slapped and career almost ruined several years back for falling for a student, Dr. Kendal Tarrington is done with love. Especially with the idea of it being with a younger woman. With no other choice, he’s forced to start looking for someone to date far outside … Read More

Girls Like Me by Vivian Kohlman


Preston’s the perfect boyfriend, until he’s not. Miko’s a nice replacement and is, surely, the one for Ava. So why is she so inexplicably attracted to King…the bad boy? His stare burns through her; his presence captivates her. One night changes everything. …and she can’t push him away anymore. This book is for mature audiences.

Southern Comfort (Honky Tonk Angels Book 1) by Ciana Stone


A man hiding from his past and a woman running from hers. Two people from different worlds who know one another only from what they have shared with one another in Facebook messages. They’ve never heard the other’s voice, or seen a photo. Analise Becke writes romance with western heroes, men she has dreamed up by combining the looks of … Read More

Return to Love by Christine Kingsley


The cowboy’s back in town… Cassie Powell is perfectly happy with her small town life in Willow Valley. She has a successful bakery and a beautiful little girl–everything she’s ever wanted. But when Jack Martin swaggers back into town, secrets she’s worked too hard to keep threaten to bring it all tumbling down around her. Jack has always thought of … Read More

Royal Arousal (A BBW & Royal Romance) by Lana Love


What good is the world at your feet if you’re bored with the world? Dared by my friends and bored with dating appropriate society women, I invite a sexy and curvy waitress to be my date for the upcoming gala of the year. She’s feisty and doesn’t care that I’m the future King of Roquefleur. I’m not used to being … Read More

Love Undercover by Amy Brent


They call him a shark.  Ruthless. Fierce. Controlling.  Falling in love was never a part of the plan.  Neither was carrying his baby.    Eric I always loved curvy girls. And Kathryn was no exception. My obedient mistress – that’s what she was supposed to be. But one night with her and I was ruined. Those luscious lips begged to … Read More