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Lavinia and the Laird

Miss Lavinia Chadwick–the only non-bluestocking in her family–is destined to marry well. At least according to her mother. She will definitely not marry a Scotsman. According to her mother. But when a braw laird steps foot in their little village, she cannot help but wonder…can she defy Mama?

Caveman Alien’s Trap

A SciFi Alien Fated Mates Romance

Caroline is trapped. Not just stranded on a jurassic planet where dinosaurs roam free, but also in a crude net, dangling from a tree. The man who trapped her is staring at her through the net. He’s an alien caveman, and they like to abduct and breed Earth girls, just like Caroline. But if he thinks he can use Caroline … Read More

Amelia and the Viscount

“No eligible bachelor wants to marry a bluestocking…especially not those frightful Chadwick girls.” – Lady Jersey, Almacks Patroness.

The New Hire

A Billionaire Virgin Romance

It was probably a mistake to hire little, virgin Winnie from small -town Texas as my secretary. Hell, it could ruin my whole career. I’m ten years older, and I know I have to protect her from the world—especially my twin brother and partner, Dan, who will f•ck anything that moves (even though he’s engaged). He’s ruined enough secretaries’ lives, … Read More

Claimed by the Ex-Con

I’ll break any man to protect her, but can I keep her safe from the real monster–me? Two damaged souls. Two pure hearts. An obsession that never fades. I was sent to ruin her life. I took one glimpse at her gorgeous hourglass figure, and instead, I want to make her mine. She wants out of this life, and an … Read More


The hot boys series

Falling for a fireman is so cliché. Yet, here I am. The elementary school teacher who’s all worked up over New York’s finest. It started out as a simple ride along. Now the only brass pole I want to slide down is his. I know, good girls don’t think those thoughts, right? Wrong! The sculpted jaw, the tight t-shirt rippling … Read More

Tempting Daddy’s Boss

Work and play don’t mix. End of story. Unless your new employee happens to be the most alluring surprise you’ve come across in years… And is now carrying your baby!  Chantel: Who am I kidding? This is Kolt Zane we are talking about. AKA Kolt Zane, the mega-rich, mega- successful and mega-sexy millionaire who also happens to be a notorious playboy – … Read More


A Gritty Bad Boy MC Romance

I’m a loner, and it seems I always will be. The world is crumbling around me, with villains gunning for my MC left and right, and the only thing that saves me is her. No matter what or who comes our way, I’ll be ready to protect what is mine. Cause that’s what bad boys do.

Friends with Benefits

Years of friendship. A lifetime of secrets. A lust filled dilemma. My best friend is a player. And I have a secret. All my life I’ve kept my friends close, and my darkest secret closer… But one movie night, everything changes. He reads my secret diary. The diary where I confess I want to be his plaything. And then my … Read More