You’ve found your way to the sweetest books we offer. If you’re wanting a little more heat in your books, you can also check out Full Hearts (medium heat) or Flamin’ Hearts (high heat). Have fun!

Chasing Charlie by Kathy Carmichael


Raised in a family of rodeo champions on a South Texas cattle ranch, Charlie wants only one thing: to avoid thrill-seeking cowboys. Davis Murphy, cowboy wannabe and one of Dallas’s most eligible bachelors, needs a pretty and witty faux fiancée so his widowed mother will marry her longtime gentleman friend. Charlie, his local librarian, seems the perfect choice. Charlie’s first … Read More

The Reluctant Princess by Melissa McClone


Mechanic Isabel “Izzy” Poussard’s life revolves around cars. Determined to be a member of a racing team’s pit crew, she’ll do whatever it takes to make her dream come true. The last thing she expects is for a gorgeous guy to step out of a limousine and tell her she’s a long-lost princess…and his wife. Crown Prince Nikola “Niko” Kresimir … Read More

Kiss Me in Wescott Springs by Holly Cortelyou


Escape with two enticing tales of love. Sometimes opposites do attract and just need a second chance love…courtesy of a raspberry puff pastry and an unexpected discovery. And then again, maybe all it takes is a little wine, truffles and a remodel to turn enemies into lovers! Welcome back to Wescott Springs where it’s always a sweet and sexy romp … Read More

There are Plenty More Dukes in the Sea by Samantha Holt


After the death of their grandfather, the Templetons must fulfil certain tasks to gain their inheritance. Angel is convinced her task must be the hardest for she must perform unpaid duties as a lady’s companion for two months to the entirely unmanageable Mrs. Stone. And be in the company of her miserable, brooding nephew…

Spare Me the Drama (A Novel) by Karen Tomsovic


“Spare Me the Drama is a read that will have you laughing, swooning, and rooting for the characters.” — Bookish Things and More When Martin Leon remembers that he forgot to invite a special guest to a birthday party, who can blame him? Since his wife’s death, he’s juggled caring for their large family with his job writing a daytime … Read More