You’ve found your way to the sweetest books we offer. If you’re wanting a little more heat in your books, you can also check out Full Hearts (medium heat), Flamin’ Hearts (high heat), or Same Hearts (LGBTQAI+). Have fun!

Guilty Pleasures by Lena simon

After having her heart torn out and stomped on by the woman she thought she would be spending the rest of her life with, Mara decided enough is enough. Never again would she let herself feel the pain that true, electrifying, heart-wrenching love brings with it. Now, Mara has everything she could ever want: a safe and secure relationship with … Read More

The King and the Kindergarten Teacher (a Sweet Royal Romance) by Shanae Johnson

He’s the king of his domain. She’s the queen of nap time. Can they learn to rule with their hearts? As kindergarten teacher Esmeralde Pickett and King Leonidas of Cordoba get to know one another, it’s clear there’s a thing between them. But another thing— her lack of royal blood—is keeping them apart. As the clock ticks closer to midnight, … Read More

Love’s Champion by Nan O'Berry

Colton Young comes from a long line that goes all the way back to the founding of Sweet Grove, Texas. Each generation has faced its own trials and tribulations. But, when Colt gets the chance to reclaim a portion of the Box Elder his great, great grandfather lost in a card game, he is ill-prepared to deal with the new … Read More